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Yemsoft is more than an ICT company, we listen to you and we specialized in creating and realizing of technical solutions for your challanges.

In an early stage we support the solution finding, far before it's about IT related. Because in the end it's all about an efficient solution and not about IT.

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Do you ask yourself if there is an ICT solution for your idea or challenge?

Yemsoft provides a complete set of services to convert an idea into an efficient technological solution.

Our team has broad and high quality experience in bussines and technology sector, where needed we work together with trusted partners.

Yemsoft is indipendent, so it can provide the best solution, that fits your challenges and idea's. Thanks to our lean base team we work efficient and with sharp budgets.

Chat with us and discus your idea's.

Our proposition - idea's

Stories from Yemsoft

Get to know us and our projects, in these blogs. More interested in technical stuff, there should something for you too.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming

How about your web site?

  • Did you implement safety measures in your online (contact) forms?
  • Is your site protected by secure connectivity?
    By the way, this also generates a higher score at Google. A nice extra.
  • Do you publish information how you use your visitors data?
  • Are your security updates up-to-date?
  • Is already someone, in your organisation responsible for privacy and security?
  • Do you have insight of attacks on your online tools?
But how to convert the GDPR into practical actions?
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Blogs - GDPR - Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash
Bologs - securing online devices

Securing online devices

Intermediair between product development and IoT.
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Unravel your client contacts

Also smaller bussines benefit from a good CRM solution. Over the year we fell in love with vtiger CRM, an all-round solution to stream line your client contacts.
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Blogs - Unravel your client contacts
Blogs - reinvent the wheel

Reinvent the wheel

There is an incredible treasure of Web design readily available for your next web site. Stop using custom design, start to use available solutions and convert them to fit your needs.
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Our projects

Like to know more about our projects, browse the below list.

  • OnsTeamPortaal
  • OPSIC / Compass-crisis
  • Yemso
  • BIG Machinery
  • LALO Experience
  • Red Cross
  • Powerbox

Self organising teams

Development and support for the self organising team solution in the Dutchcare sector.

We provide all IT services for the application, from functional design to technical helpdesk.

Psychosocial support

EU project for psychosocial support during disasters. Within the European consortium our team spported the translation of scientific research to a web application.

This was a close cooperation with European universities, Danish Red Cross, TNO, Stichting Arq and others.

All ICT services

For Yemso we provide the complete range of ICT services, from VoIP, CRM, Cloud services to web sites

We already work together for more than 5 years. Yemso was our first client.

Heavy machinery web site

Realisation of multiple heavy machinery web sites. With integration of the Hexon back office systems.

CRM for an event organizer

CRM impleentation, from client contacts to project invoicing. All aspects are realized in a vtiger implementation.

Calamity support application

Projects for family reunion and registration of effected persons (I-RIS).

Embedded technology

A system for events, making all technical facilities (light, music, cash register, online payments, etc.) independent from external energy sources. All in one device, easy to transport. We worked on the project from concept design to production of prototype.

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